"Your Empire Will Not Build It´s Self"


Corporate Strategy

“Word of Mouth Advertising is the Best Type of Advertising”
The CEO of AAGL believes that any Business or Investment must be built from the ground up, paying close attention to every detail and taking good care of each and every stone being strategically placed to build your Empire.

For example, the community and Investors may want to feel certain that a company or individual constructs accurate & transparent projects, proper accounting methods, and also that stockholders are given an opportunity to vote on important issues such as taking care of ecological concepts and contemplating the community principles and practices. AAGL CORPORATE STRATEGY will guide your company or project from having any predictable issues, while at the same time having the overall acceptance and survival of your Real Estate Investment.

Fundraising, Sponsorship, Scholarships, Investment in Local Public Projects, Compliance, Proper Governance, and Risk Management; Companies typically incorporate such activities, but they are not the global standard. Sometimes, this pillar is called the governance pillar (as in the ESG acronym). This refers to boards of directors and management aligning with shareholders' interests as well as those of the community, and customers.

Define and implement your corporate and business strategy with our simple and comprehensive 5-phase strategic planning approach:


Set up your strategic planning project: (1) Strategic planning team, (2) Guiding principles, (3) Strategic plan structure, (4) Strategic plan key inputs, (5) Strategic planning project plan


Gather & analyze data and provide key insights: (1) Market analysis, (2) Competitor analysis, (3) Customer feedback, (4) Company data analytics team, (5) Employee feedback, (6) Executive feedback, (7) SWOT summary of the key business insights


Define your strategic plan: (1) Mission, vision and values, (2) Strategy map including the strategic objectives to reach our vision, (3) Balanced scorecard including the key performance indicators linked to the strategic objectives, (4) List of potential initiatives to reach our strategic objectives, (5) Business cases and financial models to help us prioritize our list of potential projects, (6) Project prioritization, (7) Business roadmap including our prioritized projects


Implement, Track & Manage Progress: (1) Governance, (2) Dashboards, (3) Projects plans, (4) Project implementation: Agile, Design thinking and Traditional methodologies, (5) Quarterly update of the strategic plan based on new data, (6) Post projects evaluation and lessons learned, (7) Post strategic planning evaluation and lessons learned


Increase your know-how and become the subject matter expert of your organization with the top 21 strategy tools commonly used by Fortune 100 and Global Consulting firms: (1) Business Model, (2) Business Plan, (3) Profitability problem, (4) Entering a new market, (5) Introducing a new product, (6) Acquiring a company, (7) Pricing Strategies, (8) Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), (9) Blue Ocean Strategy, (10) Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies, (11) Porter’s Five Forces, (12) Issue Tree, (13) Entry/Exit Barriers, (14) Five Whys, (15) Ansoff Growth Matrix, (16) Experience Curve, (17) Product Life Cycle, (18) Value Chain Analysis, (19) Value Driver Tree, (20) PESTLE, (21) Fishbone Diagram