"Your Empire Will Not Build It´s Self"



AAGL PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT is the art and science of managing, selecting, and overseeing a group of investments for our clients. We provide individuals with their investment Portfolio Management Team. AAGL will provide a basic understanding of the key elements of the portfolio; building, and providing maintenance that makes for success, including asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing. While at the same time meeting the long-term financial objectives and the risk tolerance of our Partners and their companies.

AAGL will design a Portfolio Management Strategy that suits the portfolio and projections, this provides our clients with much-needed peace of mind. Since the assets are being managed to abide by the contracted request & demands, it provides our partners the opportunity to focus on other personal or company projects.

Launch a management consulting practice and excel as a Management Consultant with a simple and comprehensive 6-phase approach:


Create a business plan for your consulting practice: (1) Problem to solve and solution, (2) Mission, vision and strategic objectives, (4) Market analysis, (5) Competitor analysis, (6) Marketing plan, (7) Business structure, (8) Financial plan.


Create a consulting proposal to better convince your prospects: (1) Our understanding of your situation, (2) Proposed approach, (3) Why us, (4) Proposed team and budget.


Prepare your legal agreements: (1) Business consultant agreement, (2) Non-disclosure agreement, (3) Non-compete agreement.


Identify your client’s problem: (1) Methods to gather data, (2) Internal analysis: Financial analysis, Sales breakdown analysis, Cost breakdown analysis, Pricing analysis, HR analysis, Marketing analysis, Customers analysis, Suppliers analysis, (3) External analysis: Market analysis, Competitor analysis, (4) Problem identification tools: Issue tree, Five whys, Fishbone diagram, Problem definition worksheet.


Find a solution using world-class frameworks & Tools: (1) Profitability problem framework, (2) Entering a new market, (3) Introducing a new product, (4) Acquiring a company, (5) Business model, (6) Mission & vision statement, (7) Strategy map & balanced scorecard, (8) Objectives and Key Results (OKR), (9) Initiatives prioritization, (10) Business case & financial model, (11) Mckinsey Seven-S, (12) Entry/exit barriers, (13) RACI matrix, (14) Porter’s generic corporate strategies, (15) Blue ocean strategy, (16) Ansoff growth matrix, (17) Product life cycle, (18) Maturity Model, (19) Process Mapping, (20) SWOT, (21) Value chain analysis, (22) Value driver tree, (23) Experience curve, (24) Pareto principle.


Present your recommendations: (1) Recommendations structure with the Pyramid Principle, (2) Top 300 ready-made consulting diagrams and charts: Business Roadmaps, Conceptual Charts, Dashboards, Editable Maps, Funnel Diagrams, Logical & Decision Trees, Matrix, Organizational Charts, Process Maps, Project Plans, Timelines & Gantt Charts, Speedometer Charts, Tables, Virtuous Cycle Charts, Waterfall Charts, Etc.